How to Unshrink a Wool Sweater

So I've wrote more about my cooking on this blog but I am trying to get it to cover everything about the art of wifery (is wifery even a word??). To start, here is a useful tip that might come in handy.

So a couple weekend ago, we accidentally washed Msr. No Quatre' in 'may or may not be' hot water and ran it in the highest temperature of our dryer. Needless to say, his sweater shrunk to 1 size smaller and then claimed that it was his favorite sweater (it seems like we always ruin his 'favorite' clothes and everything is his favorite clothes once its ruined). After some asking around my network, and phone calls to mère de Msr. No Quatre, and research on google, I found some tips about how to unshrink wool sweaters. I like this one since I found it in both and one of those website for fashionistas (and believe me, they take their cashmere sweaters seriously!)

How to Unshrink a Wool Sweater
Soak sweater in warm water mix with hair conditioner (They didn't specify how much conditioner I needed, but I had about 2 big squirts)
Then stretch (It'll help if you know how big it was originally. I kept on pulling and I might have make his sweater 1 size larger but no worries, we could just rewash his sweater in hot water right?! haha)
Drain water, do not wring sweater, but gently press it to get excess water out.
Place 2 absorbent towel on a counter or floor, put sweater on top and shape. With another towel, blot sweater to remove additional moisture. Lay flat and air dry.

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